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Project Management



Do deadlines matter in your business? Deploying a network upgrade or a new application on time and on budget is all about managing time and resources. One big time killer is responding to multiple vendors bidding on a project or sorting through a variety of competing options. BlumeTech simplifies the vendor management relationship, establishes clear milestones and timelines and works with you every step of the way to create a project management plan that gets you up and running.



  • Reduces the time to deployment on major projects

  • Frees your staff to concentrate on other issues

  • Provides a buffer to centralize and streamline communications

  • Helps you evaluate options

  • Capabilities

  • DR and Business Continuity


We will work with you to define a project timeline for developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans and define key milestones for deploying solutions for these needs.



You may not move a server room often but when you do you want it to work without disrupting your business. We have experience with lots of moves and can coordinate all the phases of planning and executing a move on schedule and on budget.

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