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Update AWS Managed Services Automated Backup

At AWS re:Invent Conference I was attending a session on ADvanced Ec2 Snapshots. While in the middle of the session I had a mini panic attack…here is the disaster scenario that got me worried:

  1. Ec2 Instance running Exchange

  2. Instance has several attached EBS volumes

  3. Someone accidentally deletes the instance

  4. There are snapshots so we start creating volumes from snapshots

  5. But…there not obvious link between snapshots and volumes. If they are all the same size, it’s get’s even tougher. You end up with a jumble of snapshots but no easy way to identify if they are for C:, E:, F:, etc. You end up having the snapshots, i.e. having the backup, but no obvious way to do the restore

To fix this, I now tag snapshots with their mount point, so you can easily recreate volumes from snaps. See screenshot. When creating the volume from the snapshot you can immediately know what volume it is associated with and more importantly how that volume is attached to the instance.

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